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We're crazy about the 70s sunset decal on these gorgeous, hand poured candles. Yummy scents & a 40 hour burn time don't hurt either.

-choose from seven scents: Brasilia, Mainely Manly, Hippie Hollow, Voulez-vous?, Japanese Cherry Bossom, Xanadu & Lovely Honey
-food grade paraffin & soy wax
-cotton wick
-recycled paper box
-recycled glass
-hand poured
-6.7 oz
-40 hour burn time
-made in Maine

Brasilia: The rich, musky scent of strong Brazilian Rosewood. Deep and softly floral with notes of cassis and mellow sandalwood, finishing with a sweet amber musk. The bois de rose. Like drifting down the Amazon in a rosewood canoe.

Mainely Manly: Winding its way through the deep Maine hinterlands. Undertones of native balsam, burning pine, and primitive musk, with a soft, close whisper of patchouli on the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace.

Hippie HollowA very pleasant scent of woods, grasses, and fresh air, with notes of lemon and herbs. Like a sunset walk through the canyon.

Voulez-vous?Sensuous French rose flirts with exotic Oriental spices in an alluring Indochine dream, nuanced with the bouquet of Darjeeling, amber, and wild poppies. An intoxicating and seductive scent, like floating on a rose petal in a moonlit pool of tea. N'est-ce pas?

Japanese Cherry BlossomThe soft, enchanting air of bright cherry blossoms swaying in a slow-motion cloud of pink petals. Hints of pomegranate, green bamboo, currant, vanilla, and oak swirling in peaceful harmony. Like day-dreaming in a lovely scented Japanese forest with Mt. Fuji rising in the distance.

Xanadu: The magical scent of winter wonder, swirling in a shimmering fantasy of enchanted spices. Anise, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg dance in a glittering discothèque of snow-white woods and glowing amber. Xanadu is a delightfully spiced sensation delivering you to starlit Alpine chalets alive with après-ski absinthes- excitingly international, yet comfortably familiar. Features a limited edition iridescent gold and silver foils on a white box.

Husband-and-wife team Wary Meyers started out in Brooklyn designing interiors for their friends and artsy-types. After a move to Portland, Maine and feeling the desire to make a tangible product, they've taken their design sensibilities and infused them into enticingly scented candles and soaps. The duo hand makes their work in their Cumberland home- working in an attached former beauty salon built for the previous lady-of-the-house in the 1980's. Both the candles and soaps are informed with the Meyers' playful wit and panache.

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