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Ylang Tabac Perfume

$ 125.00

Product Details

Ylang Tabac couples intoxicating ylang ylang with smoky tobacco in this decadent take on the flower of flowers. Mouthwatering notes of vanilla and almond sweeten the blend's floral heart while warm musk lingers softly on the skin.

-featured notes: *comoros, *ylang ylang from Madagascar, *Indian jasmine absolute, *bergamot, *almond essence, *patchouli, tonka bean absolute, vanilla absolute, orris, musk, castoreum, oakmoss absolute and tobacco absolute. (*indicates materials of natural origin)
-1.7fl oz 50mL
-cruelty-free, not tested on animals
-made in the USA

Musc et Madame is a niche fragrance brand based in Santa Monica, California. Made for women, these intoxicating fragrances pair natural, live floral absolutes with a heady dose of animalistic musks, resulting in highly sensual fragrances that smell warm, intimate and sexy on the skin. With a focus on quality, these fragrances are carefully prepared in small, fresh batches and by hand. They develop all of their own in-house formulations, using the finest raw materials which generally are reserved for only the most exquisite olfactive creations.

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