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Hand-crafted, small batch, perfume oils.

-choose from 4 scents: Hunter, Maine, Kept & Noble
-made of Organic Jojoba Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential Oils and Absolutes
-0.3 oz / 9ml
-made in USA

MCMC Fragrances is a boutique fragrance brand and studio based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, created by Anne McClain, a graduate of the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in southern France. [They] strongly believe life’s personal stories and memories can be captured in scent and are beautiful when carried through the invisible art of fragrance.

Hunter: An ode to a childhood friend called Hunter. Years later, memories of our long friendship and his adventures building maple sugar cabins in Vermont inspired the fragrance Hunter. With tobacco absolute, organic Bourbon vanilla and balsam fir, this fragrance is best worn with a flannel shirt.

Kept: Kept is an ode to oneself. Turning the notion of a kept woman on its head, the fragrance encourages women to look to themselves to evoke love. The most feminine of MCMC Fragrances’ collection, Kept is romantic with hints of rock n’ roll. The long-lasting fragrance is built around red roses and black tea, with subtle notes of clove, leather, and amber.

Noble: The MCMC fragrance that started it all. Sensual, intoxicating scent of Indian jasmine absolute combined it with the fiery, earthy vetiver oil of Haiti. The two ingredients are a symbol of time spent in the beautiful and spiritual country of Nepal. Combined with rich almondy notes of chai tea, burning incense, amber and musk, the jasmine-centered Noble is a long-lasting floral woody with an ethereal drydown.

Maine: Maine is inspired by a day spent on the island of North Haven off the coast of Maine, falling in love. Bulgarian rose absolute, local clary sage, wild Somalian myrhh, and French seaweed absolute convey the fresh scents of sea, air, sun, pine, and the discovery of a perfect beach plum rose. Dries down into the musky scent of sensual skin coupled with sun-dried grass.

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