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The branches and berries of the Juniper, a coniferous tree, have been used for spiritual and emotional healing since ancient times. Juniper oil is calming and helps alleviate stress. It can be a good choice for use in prayer and meditation. 

-Juniperus comes from Juniperus Recurva, a juniper native that is wild grown in Nepal. The scent is clean, sweet and vibrant, with the addition of organic fir needles and organic ylang ylang
-scent profile: fresh, sweet, woody
-key ingredients: *Juniper Leaf/Berry (Nepal), Juniper Berry CO2 Select Extract (India), *Virginia Cedarwood (USA), Myrrh CO2 Select Extract (Somalia), *Organic Fir Needles (Bulgaria), Organic Ylang Ylang (Madagascar), Bergamot (Italy), Pink Peppercorn (USA) * wildcrafted essential oils
-1.7fl oz 50mL
-made in the USA

Fiele Fragrances is an American company, who produces old world artisanal perfumes reinterpreted for the modern day. Their fragrances are luxe, clean and a little earthy, with an emphasis on superior quality natural ingredients. Every composition is created with wildcrafted and organic essential oils, CO2 extracts and absolutes, sourced from around the globe. All formulas are blended by hand and compounded in small batches out of Santa Monica, California.

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