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Incense Cones

$ 30.00


Product Details

Cone incense in unique hand blended scents.

-available in 4 scents: Blood Countess, Muru, Izba, & Ai (scent notes below)
-lid acts as burner
-great for travel
-20 cones per tin
-burning time: 15 min aprox.
-scent lasts 2-4 hours (medium size room)
-made in USA

-Blood Countess is a warm, resinous, and spicy fragrance: classic biblical incense joined by dragon's blood resin. Notes of frankincense, warm resins & spice. Our personal fave!

-Muru is a sophisticated and rich, green, woody-earthy fragrance. Burning Muru imparts a foreign, exotic feel to any atmosphere. The name Muru means grass in Estonian. Notes of vetiver, cypress, soil.
-Izba reminds us of traditional Russian farmhouses with warm wood walls and smoky fireplaces, and the wild herbs and flowers growing outside. Notes of cedar & lavender.

-Ai contrasts the green leafy plants of our gardens with a sophisticated richness of the marble covered palaces of our dreams. Notes of geranium, rose stem, moss, mint.

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