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Anabasis Roller Perfume

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Anabasis is a long journey upland, a wind through the trees in early spring. Cool and distant, wild and free. Anabasis (from the Greek 'to go upward') is an expedition from the coast to the interior of a country. It is also the title of two great works that describe such a journey, one by Xenophon and one by Saint-John Perse. Anabasis is adventurous and mysterious, bringing the scent of Japanese shiso and mint wafting through a forest of cedar and pine

-9 mL roll on perfume oil
-notes of: citrus, shiso, birch, mint, pine, cedar, musk
-fractionated coconut oil base
-paraben free
-formulated, packaged and made in New Orleans

Apoteker Tepe is an independent fragrance house and purveyor of small meaningful objects. We believe in fragrance and objects that are resonant-- made with intention, artistry, and irreverence to re-enchant a world where too many things are merely 'things'.

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