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After the Flood Perfume

$ 110.00

Product Details

After the Flood is the scent of soil, water, and the delicate stirrings of undergrowth in spring. A contemporary aquatic, After the Flood is both earthy and clean, fresh with hints of loamy darkness. Its delicate green color is due to violet leaf absolute, which flickers in and out of a base of mushroom, soil, and moss like green sunlight though thick branches.

-9 mL roll on perfume oil
-notes of: violet leaf, water lily, mushroom, patchouli, wet earth
-paraben free
-formulated, packaged and made in New Orleans

Apoteker Tepe is an independent fragrance house and purveyor of small meaningful objects. We believe in fragrance and objects that are resonant-- made with intention, artistry, and irreverence to re-enchant a world where too many things are merely 'things'.

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