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Ilana Kohn

Ilana Kohn is a women's clothing and textile line based in NYC. Prior to working in fashion, Ilana Kohn worked as a successful commercial editorial illustrator for clients such as the New Yorker, the New York Times and Kiehl's. With a life long love of fashion, in 2011, Kohn began to craft ideas for a clothing line with a mind to creating easy to wear, clean & classic clothing that would serve to be a new canvas for her bold, colorful patterns.
Ilana Kohn Liza Shirt
$ 158.40
$ 198.00
Ilana Kohn Edie Tank
$ 120.00
$ 150.00
Ilana Kohn Caroline Pants
$ 180.80
$ 226.00
Ilana Kohn Tia Coverall
$ 304.00
$ 380.00
Ilana Kohn Mabel Coverall
$ 304.00
$ 380.00