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Olive Gal: Miranda Bennett

Posted on August 27 2015

If you live in Austin you've no doubt seen an effortlessly cool gal roaming the city in what can only be described as the perfect black dress. A straight column cut, a deep but not too deep v'd neckline, in light breezy gauze (and now double gauze, raw silk & denim) that looks just as good paired with beat up Birkenstocks as it does slick spindly stilettos. That dress is the Everyday Dress. It's the dress that put Miranda Bennett on the map. After studying at Parsons School of Design in New York City, Bennett launched her line in 2006 and ultimately relocated to Austin to reconnect with her roots in 2013. In the few short years since Bennett's effortless silhouettes and natural dying process (think indigo, sandalwood and heartwood) have landed her in some of the nation's best boutiques and in the closets of some of the coolest gals we know. 

We caught up with Miranda on an unusually grey, rainy morning in August. Read on to find out what makes this Olive Gal tick and shop her favorites here.

1) where are you & what are you up to?

Hi! I'm at my studio (in [Olive's] former home) & sewing a new sample for next collection, edition v.

2) Sounds like a perfect rainy morning. Can you tell us anything about new things you have in the pipeline?

Yeah I am loving this weather. In terms of new things, we have a new color palette derived from the Logwood tree*, lots of beautiful lavender-y grays ranging from light to dark. A jumpsuit! A skirt! And a few other surprises...

A jumpsuit!! I’m wearing a jumpsuit right now. Great minds ?

I think you're going to be in to it, it is based on our Everyday style** ?


3) You just got back from a trip out West, right? Where did you go? What did you see? Any major highlights?


Yes, it was such a beautiful trip, although way to short! My boyfriend and I drive to Taos, Abiquiu, Ojo Caliente, Santa Fe and White Sands

I am dying for a New Mexico trip. I spent a brief 24 hours in Santa Fe & White Sands but it was no where near long enough. Did you discover anything amazing out there?

Abiquiu was my favorite part of the trip, we went on a tour of Georgia O'Keefe's summer home, which was crazy inspiring, and visited Ghost Ranch. Also the mineral baths in Ojo Caliente and thrift shopping in Santa Fe.

Aaah, every shade of jealous

Sounds like heaven.

I would love to go back and camp at White Sands at night, too.

4) Sounds like you’ve done summer right! Anything you’re looking forward to this fall?

Looking forward to market this September, we're showing at two spaces in New York this season. And moving in to a new studio space! I've loved our home here on Rosewood but am excited to have double the room to support our in-house production and our monthly workshop program.

Movin’ on up!

Haha ❤️

5) Seeing as how it’s Friday afternoon, hit us with your favorite end of the work-week treat? Cocktail? Movie? A little splurge? Special din? What are you looking forward to when it’s time to punch out?

This Friday I am ducking out a little early and grabbing drinks with two women I grew up with and the amazing co-founder of the high school we all went to (the Griffin School) to celebrate all of our birthdays. Usually on Fridays I work late and try and catch up with any openings in the evening. My favorite hang time is just being lazy at home with my boyfriend and our furry children though.

Sounds perfect!



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