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Posted on July 14 2015

Aren't head shops the worst? Burnout dudes certain you're lost, Nag Champa blowin' through the place, eyesore dragon pipes ... it all adds up to a less than desirable experience for chill ladies with discriminating taste. Enter Catchtilly: a lady-centric head shop boasting a thoughtful selection of handmade, one-of-a-kind and speciality goods for all your wavy needs opening oh-so-soon right here in East Austin. Down babes, this one's for you! 

We're beyond excited to be partnering with Catchtilly to bring you puff-puff-pass goodies you're excited to use and proud to show off. We're hosting a fundraiser tomorrow evening at the Longbranch Inn to get this gem off the ground with a bevy of silent raffle goodies from several East Austin favorites - Charm School Vintage, Miranda Bennett, Sister Coffee, Shhmaltz and of course Olive to name a few - will all have things up for grabs. Come get loose with us for a good cause!


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