Olive Gal Edit: Jenny Mulder

Posted on June 27 2015

It's only fitting that we launch our Olive Gal Edit series with one of our own: Jenny Mulder. Our California dream babe walked into Olive one afternoon inquiring about leasing a little patch of our yard for a coffee truck - Sister Coffee! Though Sister's been passed down the line to another lovely lady, Jenny still works at Olive every now & then. Though she's headed back to the Golden State shortly, Jenny's sharp whit, chill vibes and shared love of bad movies is gonna stick with us. We chatted via tex to get a little more of her take on life & she culled up a selection of some of her Olive favorites

1) where are you and what are you working on right now?

Right now I'm home in Austin watching comedy bang bang and working on softening some jeans with sandpaper

2) comedy bang bang is amazing. would you call it a TV go-to or does something else top your list right now?

It's pretty high on my list but I also look forward to watching and discussing true detective with friends. When I'm working with ceramics or on a project I tend to watch a comedy or something I don't have to follow too closely

3) makes sense, nothing like a good re-run on in the background to keep things humming. speaking of humming, been listening to any good tunes lately?

Hmmm, I spent the whole day yesterday listening to JJ Cale and it was the perfect antidote for the summer heat. Like aloe vera

4) how do i not know him (her?)? will listen. did you know that hanses makes a kale soda? sounds like the worst beverage ever. what’s the best beverage ever?

Lol kale soda. I feel like if you're older than, like, 7 and drink Gatorade regularly (and not just for life-threatening hangovers) you're kinda gross

Oh! Best beverage! Dwah* sorry

lol agree though. was just commenting on gatorades ick factor this morning after someone picked up a lime green bottle of Floss Gloss in the shop .. made me think of lemon lime gatorade

also, now i kind of want a gatorade?

It's like the second you say something is gross you think "but maybe I need to try it again to be sure"

I do that semi-regularly with fernet which I was going to say was my current best beverage


It's so strong and definitely gross, but I've had at least 3 glasses this week. I'm totally enchanted by the "tonic" aspect to it

the healing powers of mighty booze

ok, last question, except it’s not technically a question 5) tell me about a perfect day you had recently.

Most perfect day I had recently was probably on a trip to San Francisco while my friend Miranda was visiting the city too. We met up, got sushi and shopped japantown, walked all over the place, went to the ballet and then some cheesy martini bar. I always wish there was I way I could load up all my tx friends and take them on a tour of my life before moving here. Besides just being a magical day, it felt really good to share a little tid bit of my previous life


*Just like "fetch" we're trying to make "dwah" happen. Essentially, it just means "duh" but there's a long silly story behind its origins.



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