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Introducing: Fiele Fragrances

Posted on June 12 2015

I'm forever on the hunt for the perfect fragrance. It started with a bottle of Gap Dream in middle school, upgraded to Gucci Rush in high school, graduated to Prada in college. I loved all three dearly & still get nostalgic for them from time to time. I even break out that bright red Gucci bottle (er, box?) from time to time when I need a little blast from the past. None of these scents felt quite like me though -- that is to say, they felt like everyone, or to put it more bluntly, generic. In your awkward tween years it may be comforting to fall in line with everyone else, but moving on up through the ranks of womanhood standing out a bit more from the pack feels more like the norm. So, when I discovered Fiele Fragrance - by way of a perfumed hug from a dear friend & rule-breaker Miranda Bennett - I knew I'd found my signature. All of Fiele Fragrances are hand blended in small batches in their studio in Santa Monica. They have an old world slant with a modern approach - think Indonesian patchouli coupled with Virginia cedar wood or Somalian Myrrh teamed up with Tunisian Neroli - all adding up to fragrances that are luxe, clean and a little earthy. Shop Fiele Fragrance here.

Images via Fiele Fragrances.


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